Aquired by Likewize in 2019, Likewize Services Pty Ltd (formerly Risk Insure Pty Ltd) employs over 50 staff who specialise in General Insurance and insurance facilities to the Telephone Communication Industry.

Likewize Services Pty Ltd does not participate in the mass distribution of ‘package’ insurance policies, rather is focused on meeting the technical needs of medium to large business and corporate companies.

Likewize Services Pty Ltd is proud to boast a portfolio of longstanding clients that include companies that are household names and rank in South Australia’s top 500 companies and as such represents businesses that are the largest and most well established within their relative fields.

Where the insurance industry is typically embracing a ‘one size fits all centralised service model’, Likewize Services Pty Ltd mission is to provide professional consultancy and representation to companies that need and expect high quality personalised service and tailored solutions.

Where business can often pose challenges and questions, Likewize Services Pty Ltd earnest ambition is to proactively provide their clients solutions and answers.


Our Mission is to provide premier and often groundbreaking products and services to our partners and customers.


Our Objective is to understand our partners and customers needs and structure exceptional programmes that produce the best possible results.

This objective will be accomplished by creating a workplace where all employees are challenged to improve their knowledge and our product. We will ensure that our staff understand the link between their performance and the success of our partners, customers and our company, that goals are established, responsibilities are given, and measurements are installed to ensure accountability across all functions, and that we operate with integrity where mutual respect and teamwork are more than mere words.

Likewize Services Pty Ltd

PO Box 7087
Hutt Street
SA 5000

Email for General Enquiries: LWS.info@likewize.com